Girls’ Fixtures/Results 2015/16

3/12/15JRCS Y7Training MatchA0-13Ngobo 3, Blythe 3, Cotterell 3, Khalfaoui 2, Smith, Gomes
9/1/16South LondonRep. MatchH4-0Smith, Gomes, Blythe 2
13/2/16CamdenLeagueA0-14*Blythe 4, Khalfaoui 4, Ngobo 3, Smith 2, Gomes
16/2/16CroydonIslington FestivalN0-1
16/2/16CamdenIslington FestivalN0-0
16/2/16BrentIslington FestivalN0-0
16/2/16Woking BIslington FestivalN0-0
16/2/16IslingtonIslington FestivalN2-1Ngobo, Blythe
16/2/16Camden BIslington FestivalN5-0Blythe, Smith, Gomes, Cotterell, Embery
27/2/16West KentLeagueH5-0Smith, Ngobo, Blythe, Khalfaoui, Cotterell
12/3/16GloucesterRep. MatchA3-1Gomes, Khalfaoui, Cotterell
2/4/16Woking AWoking FestivalN1-0 Smith
2/4/16BrentWoking FestivalN1-0Blythe
2/4/16Woking BWoking FestivalN1-0Cotterell
2/4/16West KentWoking FestivalN2-0Smith, Blythe
2/4/16OrpingtonWoking FestivalN1-2Smith
2/4/16GloucesterWoking FestivalN2-1Cotterell 2
14/5/16South LondonLeagueA3-1Ngobo 3
1/6/16n/aFA Skills TrainingN

*Under league rules, the score is recorded as 7-0; from this point, the remainder of the game was played as a friendly.

Millie Blythe14
Mariam-Daisy Ngobo Azeez11
Pahris Cotterell10
Makayla Smith9
Nour Khalfaoui8
Gabriella Gomes5
Hannah Embery1