BDSFA Discipline Policy

PLAYERS, PARENTS AND OTHER adults are expected to behave in accordance with the BDSFA Codes of Conduct which are clearly displayed on the BDSFA website.

Situations which would incur disciplinary action include persistent or serious foul play or the use of inappropriate actions and/or language/ disrespect towards own team mates, opposition players, match officials, team officials or spectators.

Poor behaviour can occur in a match situation or in a non-match situation.

Procedures if a player does not follow the code of conduct:

Teachers and / or other adults in charge of pupils need to make decisions which are appropriate and proportionate to any problem. Possible actions are:

  • Informal discussion with player regarding the situation
  • Meeting with player/parents
  • Temporary or permanent suspension from a match/matches/other squad activities

While most offences in schools’ football are dealt with by initially removing the player from the field (see above), it is a possibility that a referee could administer a formal caution or sending off. In this case, the player will be liable to any sanctions imposed by the E.C.S.F.A.

Schools/Head Teachers will make their own decisions regarding sanctions if poor behaviour takes place whilst a pupil is taking part in a school match or activity.

Points 1 -3 above apply to players representing their borough in District football.

If a player displays poor behaviour which is regarded as serious or persistently a cause for concern, the district manager will liaise with the child’s Head Teacher to discuss a cause of action.

Procedures if an adult does not follow the code of conduct:

In the case of school matches/activities, the school staff/Head Teacher will decide on what cause of action to take. In serious cases this may involve liaison with the BDSFA committee.

In the case of District football, possible actions are:

  1. Informal discussion with the person/people regarding the situation
  2. Meeting with BDSFA Committee members and the person/ people involved
  • Temporary or permanent suspension from a match/matches/other squad activities
  1. Should parents/relatives fail to comply at any point with the above, the child will be removed temporarily or permanently from the squad

BDSFA must liaise with the relevant Head Teacher if sanctions 3 or 4 are being considered or applied.

Last reviewed: November 2019