Ballerz Girls’ League – Stage One 2018/19

2018 Winners – Henry Green

GROUP GAMES NEED to be concluded by March 1st. The top two teams from each group will contest the Super Six:

Group A

  • Marks Gate
  • Valence
  • Roding Cannington
  • Monteagle
  • George Carey

Results: Valence 4-1 Marks Gate; George Carey 3-0 Roding Cannington; George Carey 4-0 Marks Gate; Monteagle 3-0 Roding Cannington; Marks Gate 1-2 Roding Cannington; Valence 1-0 Roding Cannington; Valence 0-3 Monteagle; Valence 1-3 George Carey; Monteagle 1-3 George Carey

To play: Marks Gate V Monteagle

Qualifiers for the Super Six: George Carey, Monteagle


Group B

  • Henry Green
  • St Margaret’s*
  • St Peter’s
  • Northbury
  • Thomas Arnold

Results: Northbury 2-1 St Peter’s; Henry Green 5-0 St Peter’s; Northbury 5-0 Thomas Arnold; Henry Green 10-0 Thomas Arnold; Northbury 1-2 Henry Green

To play: St Peter’s V Thomas Arnold

St Margaret’s disqualified* – all teams awarded wins

Qualifiers for the Super Six: Northbury, Henry Green


Group C

  • Roding Hewett
  • Godwin
  • Ripple
  • William Bellamy
  • Richard Alibon
  • Five Elms

Results: Richard Alibon 6-0 Ripple; Richard Alibon 5-0 Five Elms; Richard Alibon 4-1 Godwin; Godwin 3-0 Roding Hewett; Five Elms 0-6 William Bellamy; Godwin 3-0 Five Elms; Richard Alibon 2-1 Roding Hewett; Richard Alibon 5-1 William Bellamy; Roding Hewett 0-6 WIlliam Bellamy; Godwin 3-1 Ripple; Ripple 1-4 William Bellamy; William Bellamy 1-0 Godwin; Roding Hewett 0-0 Five Elms; Ripple 3-1 Five Elms; Roding Cannington L-W Ripple

Qualifiers for the Super Six: Richard Alibon, William Bellamy